Our Team

Panther Robotics was founded in 2012-2013 and first competed in the VEX Robotics Sack Attack season as a Middle School & High School combined team with eight enthusiastic students. In 2013-2014, following that first season, the team divided into two groups Panther Robotics (MS) and Park Tudor Robotics (HS).  Park Tudor Robotics continued to focus on the VEX games and Panther Robotics focused on smaller local tournaments where they experienced success at that local level but ultimately desired to do more.


2012-2014 Awards -3


In the summer of 2015-2016 "Nothing but Net" Panther Robotics decided to actively participate in the yearly VEX games during the upcoming season.   That season Panther Robotics gave birth to three teams that competed in events all over the state of Indiana. The teams won two tournaments and a robot skills award in its first year and sent one team to the CREATE US Open. This success further fed the teams' desire to work hard and strive to be even more successful.

2015-206 Awards - 3

Panther Robotics headed into the 2016-2017 "Starstruck" season with excitement and confidence. They added two additional Middle School teams and once again added a High School Team.  Within the first three events of the season, Panther Robotics had won seven awards. They concluded their season with eight tournament wins, the most of any Indiana robotics organization that season. They also added three excellence awards and three robot skills awards. During the VEX Starstruck season, Panther Robotics sent two teams to the CREATE US Open and its first team to the VEX World Championships. 


2016-2017 Awards - 22

Our numbers grew as we added even more teams to our roster heading into the 2017-2018 "In the Zone" Season.  Panther Robotics is excited about the outstanding team members that are joining us and look forward to another amazing season!

2017-2018 - 41

2018-2019 "Turning Point"  was a great season for Panther Robotics and one of great adventure as we traveled over the United States to participate in "Signature Events" from Washington DC to California.  We continued to show that Indiana Robotics are some of the best in the World and were proud to be part of that group.

2018-2019 - 36

2019-2020 "Tower Takeover" has been another amazing season for Panther Robotics, not only did we host our first "Signature Event", but we also continue to be a dominate force in Indiana robotics at the Middle School and High School Level.

2019-2020 - 41 (So far!)