PigPen wins at Shortridge

Panther Robotics had six teams competing against 23 other middle and high school teams from Indiana at Shortridge High School, resulting in a hat trick for Team PigPen!

  • PigPen went 6-0 in the Qualifying Round and once again entered the Elimination Round as the #1 seed. Joining them were two teams from K.I.D.S. Inc. Youth Ministry. Ultimately, they were crowned Tournament Champions (the third Tournament Championship in a row).

  • Team Viper (Christian Patrick, Drew Pisacane) had an exciting day finishing 5-1 in the qualifying round, and they entered the elimination round as the #2 seed.

  • The Borg did well, also finishing 5-1 in the qualifying round and finishing in a very respectable second place.

  • Cobra Kai went 5-1 and finished in the #7 spot.

  • Team 6842Y "Stink Eye" (Yash Dandamudi, Matthew Gomez, Matthew Bender) went 5-1 and finished in the #8 spot.

  • PigPen also won the Driving and Programming Skills Championship.

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