Panther Robotics Wins at Walker State Qualifier

Panther Robotics had four teams compete at the Walker In The Zone State Qualifier. Team 6842A(Aftershock) made their debut for the In The Zone season, posting a score of 45 in the skills challenge and winning 5 out of 6 of their matches. They captained the 6th seeded alliance in the elimination rounds, and fell short in the quarterfinals. Team 6842V(Viper) had another strong finish in the qualification rounds, going 4-1-1 in qualification rounds. They teamed with team 6842C(Cobra Kai) in the eliminations. Team PigPen went undefeated in the qualification rounds and finished third in the tournament rankings. They won the finals in three tight matches with teams 2567X and 7368C.

#IndianaRobotics #PigPen #Viper #CobraKai #Aftershock

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